Canada's Transportation Expert: Moving Communities Forward

We have worked with municipalities, regions, provincial governments, and transit providers across Canada to support transportation planning by providing high-quality research and reporting services.

We offer a complete solution, including:

  • Planning the research based on your needs,
  • Completing all required data collection activities,
  • Geocoding and analyzing data, and
  • Developing results-focused reporting.

We specialize in helping cities and municipalities with their transportation planning needs.

Our complement of research experts is supported by our custom-built Triptelligence™ tool, which we built in an iterative and consultative process to meet the needs of our transportation clients. 

We complete bespoke transportation studies with goals tailored to the needs of our clients. This has included the design and successful execution of:

  • Active transportation studies;
  • Commuter and parking studies;
  • Origin-destination/travel surveys, including household- and individual-level studies;
  • Bus, rail, and ferry travel and satisfaction studies;
  • Infrastructure use surveys;
  • Border crossing surveys;
  • Travel time studies;
  • Goods movement surveys;
  • Special generator surveys;
  • Road safety surveys;
  • Classification and occupancy counts; and
  • GPS-based data collection.

You can learn more about our work by viewing our case studies about the 2016 Transportation Tomorrow Survey (Ministry of Transportation Ontario) and our ongoing Customer Satisfaction Tracking Research (BC Ferries Corporation). We have also linked below several reports for past clients, which can be downloaded for your review: 

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