Research Methods

Helping to achieve your research objectives is what we do at Malatest. It does not matter if your project is large and complex, or small and straightforward, Malatest has the quantitative and qualitative capabilities to get the information you need to move forward with strategic direction.


Quantitative Data Collection

In order to meet all of your survey needs, Malatest operates call centres in our Ottawa, Edmonton and Victoria offices. We can conduct telephone surveys ranging from small to large-scale, using our Computer Assisted Telephone Interview (CATI) stations which allow for batch dialling, voice recording of calls (mp3 format) and dynamic call display.

In addition to gathering telephone survey completions for your data collection needs, Malatest can also simultaneously handle online (CAWI) survey completions. If your research needs require information to be gathered via mail, Malatest has the capabilities of administering mail-out/mail-back (MOMB) surveys through the use of scanning software to automate data entry.

For your projects requiring surveys to be completed using Computer Assisted Personal Interviews (CAPI), our expert staff from any of our offices are skilled in hiring and training data collection staff to meet all of your on-site project needs.



Web-based Engagement Tools

When your projects require results through online research, Malatest can deliver. In addition to managing complex online surveys, our system also allows for clients and staff to undertake research studies where participants must schedule a visit to particular locations, such as clinics or medical facilities.

For projects requiring information from a younger demographic, Malatest has developed the appropriate protocols and strategies to engage youth — typically a difficult demographic — through social media sites and the use of smart phone applications for survey completions.


Qualitative Data Collection

Meeting your complex research project needs through qualitative research services delivered by our two professional focus group facilities in Victoria and Edmonton is what we do at Malatest. We have experts that are able to gain in-depth information about your programs, products and services as needed, moderating in-person focus groups or operating telephone and online focus groups.


Research Standards

Delivering to you the highest standards of scientific competence, integrity, and transparency in conducting, analyzing and reporting our work is what we pride ourselves on at Malatest. You can be confident that the resulting research will lead to informed decision-making.

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