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As part of our commitment to transportation research, we developed and continually refine our Triptelligence™ proprietary software for origin-destination/travel surveys. Triptelligence™ is a fully integrated telephone and online data collection platform, meaning that respondents can either self-complete surveys online or can be guided through the instrument by one of our experienced interviewers. We have used Triptelligence™ for data collection in English, French, and other languages. The platform uses leading-edge mapping and geocoding functions to help facilitate respondents recall and delineate their recent trips and/or travel patterns. It also includes built-in validation checks to help ensure the accuracy of collected data and to limit the extent to which collected data needs to be cleaned and corrected post-survey.

Key features of Triptelligence™ that support our ability to provide high quality to our clients include the following:
• Validated underlying architecture and methodology for transportation data collection;
• Modular design that supports trip-based, activity-based and site-based projects;
• Compatible with all internet browsers, platforms, smartphones, and tablets; and
• Fully integrated Google Maps, including auto-complete fields and pin drop-and-drag features.

Learn more about Triptelligence™ by watching our explainer video below:


Scheduler allows us to support projects that require people to be at a certain place at a specific time. Initially developed to support a project in which we had to schedule survey participants for a follow-up medical appointment, we have since used Scheduler to support field data collection. Using Scheduler, all affected parties—our researchers, data collection staff, data collection site staff, and our clients—are able to log in to see who is scheduled to be where and when.

Track & Field Dynamic Reporting Tools

To provide our clients with timely information on their projects, we have developed the Track & Field dynamic reporting tool (DRT). Track & Field includes two levels of access:
• A survey overview page that allows clients to log in and view real-time survey statistics on projects in field (e.g. completions and refusals to date); and
• A customized DRT that allows authorized clients to log in and generate, view, and download real-time graphical reports on their surveys.


The survey overview tool is provided to all clients at no additional cost as part of our survey service. The DRT is customized for each client’s unique needs so has minimal additional cost depending on the analyses and reports required, as well as the number of user access levels. (In some studies, some users will have access to all data while other users will have access to only a segment of the data, such as the data for their region or facility.)

Our DRTs have included a variety of report generation functions, including the following:
• Calculate priority metrics, both for a single data collection period and over time;
• Explore individual questions’ responses in depth (e.g. number of respondents, response distribution);
• Develop custom response distribution tables by filtering data by characteristics of interest;
• Compare two questions side by side;
• Review open-ended comments, both in their provided format and using theme categorization; and
• Create weighted or unweighted trending charts to view longitudinal data.

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Research Standards

We pride ourselves on delivering the highest standards of competence, integrity, and transparency in conducting, analyzing, and reporting our work. You can be confident that the resulting research will lead to informed decision-making.

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