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Customer Satisfaction Tracking Research 

Research Solutions
  • Customer Experience Modernization
  • Dynamic Reporting Tool
  • Survey Completion Increase

The Research Question

For nearly two decades, BC Ferries has been conducting Customer Satisfaction Tracking (CST) research on select routes. Since its inception, this research had followed a consistent methodology for data collection, analysis, and reporting. In recent years, reviews of BC Ferries’ CST research was conducted and, as a result, several changes were required, including transitioning toward a more comprehensive approach of obtaining customer input. To achieve this goal, BC Ferries contracted us to assist in developing and implementing a more comprehensive CST data collection methodology.

Malatest Solution

We have worked with BC Ferries to innovate and modernize their previously used processes and mechanisms for assessing customer satisfaction.
We conducted a comprehensive review of literature and documentation to assess customer satisfaction surveying methods in use by other transportation providers and engaged with multiple internal business units to ensure our proposed strategy would meet their specific needs. Our resulting strategy includes a revised Customer Satisfaction Tracking (CST) survey that is being administered in waves of on-board intercept surveying, online surveying through a customized portal or established BC Ferries research panel, and via hard copy (by request). We also developed and maintain an open online continuous feedback program survey (“How Did We Do Today?”) accessed by the public through the online portal and sent to the research panel.
Due to changes in survey methodology, we have been able to increase survey volume by more than 25% per wave with no increase in costs.
In addition to renewing data collection activities, our project team has also developed new strategies for obtaining and interpreting data, implemented new analyses for identifying key drivers of customer satisfaction, and established strategies that will facilitate a continuous improvement loop based on customer feedback. Our enhanced and comprehensive analysis integrates customer satisfaction data from surveys, operational information, and feedback responses received by the client.
We have also developed new reporting systems, including a customized dynamic reporting tool that incorporates survey data collected by our firm as well as customer satisfaction data collected by BC Ferries itself.

Our ongoing working relationship with BC Ferries allows us to continually upgrade their customer experience assessment system, supporting a continuous improvement loop based on customer feedback. Our findings are used to inform planning and decision-making surrounding the improvement of service delivery across the organization.

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