How are your alumni changing the world?

We offers custom impact studies that allow post-secondary institutions to determine the impact they make in Canada and worldwide.

Through a university impact study, an institution can determine numerous elements of their impact, including:

  • Contributions to Canada’s GDP
  • Job creation
  • Artistic and cultural production
  • Social Service and volunteerism.

By completing impact studies, institutions quantify the actual impact of their institution in comparison with other institutions, strengthen bonds with other institutions, and have a valuable evidence base for recruitment and donor relations.

We offer two kinds of university impact studies:

alumni impact and economic impact.

Alumni Impact Studies

Alumni Impact Studies allow institutions to quantify the impact of their alumni on Canada any the world. The information from this study has put the university in a better position to understand and promote its impact on students, alumni, and stakeholders. Specific measures in the survey include:

  • The economic impact of companies founded and investment in start-ups among alumni. 
  • The social impact of board service, volunteerism, creation of non-profit ventures, participation in civic activities and social services, and participation in elected office.
  • The cultural impact and knowledge generation of alumni.

Results from our recent study for the University of Toronto, based on the input of more than 20,000 alumni, are available at

Economic Impact Studies

Economic Impact Studies examine the direct, indirect, and induced impacts associated with the operations of the University with the goal of determining the economic return on investment. This can include estimating and highlighting the contributions by the University on the provincial economy and estimating the leverage of provincial funding in terms of total economic impact. This type of research can also help identify:

  • Institutional Spending
  • Student Spending
  • Visitor Spending
  • Research Impact
  • Income Sources

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