Time use studies for organizational planning

Time use studies provide an overview of how people use their time, allowing workloads to be calculated. Whether your workplace is having new processes or regulations introduced, is restructuring in response to the pandemic, or is preparing for a new collective agreement, ensure that workers’ time is valued. 

Time use studies can: 

  • Help identify the time spent on managing administrative tasks rather completing defined work tasks
  • Identify “bottleneck processes” that contribute to losses in productivity
  • Provide insights as to changes in work patterns associated with seasonality and/or other conditions

Our systems can test and vet time-logs with users, can work to maximize participation through multiple avenues, are designed to safeguard privacy and anonymity at all times, and all collected data are stored securely in Canada. 

Our time use studies can:

  • Be completed online or on paper
  • Track activities staff complete in a set timeframe
  • Use the workday as the unit of analysis

The features and benefits of our studies include that they: 

  • Collect accurate data in real time
  • Are customizable to the workplace and schedules
  • Predict the impacts of changes in workflow
  • Support improved collaboration across the organization
  • Inform decision-making on important topics (e.g. compensation, compliance, health and safety, etc.)

You can learn more about our work by viewing our case study about the Teacher Workload Study for Alberta Education.

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