Capital Regional District (CRD) Releases 2022 Origin-Destination (OD) Household Travel Survey Results

The Capital Regional District (CRD), the governing body for 13 municipalities and three electoral areas spanning southern Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands, has published the 2022 Origin-Destination (OD) Household Travel Survey results. We are proud to have worked closely with the CRD to design, administer, analyze, and report on this important survey that offers invaluable insight into the travel patterns of the region, aiding the CRD in strategic planning initiatives, including the Regional Growth Strategy and the Regional Transportation Plan.

Key findings from the 2022 survey, powered by Malatest’s expertise and our proprietary Triptelligence™ survey platform, reveal shifts in travel behaviours:

  • Despite 89% of households having access to at least one vehicle, vehicle dependency has notably reduced. Over two-thirds (69%) of daily trips are made by auto, with an increasing adoption of alternative-fueled ‘green’ vehicles.
  • The year 2022 witnessed a marked decline in total trips and the average trip rate per person. Daily trip volumes decreased by 10%, corresponding to a 17% reduction in the average daily trip rate per person.
  • A noteworthy 25% of trips are made using active transportation modes, with 15% completed on foot and 8% by bicycle (including 30% of bicycle trips made using e-bikes).

Compared to the 2017 survey, the 2022 data portrays a significant reduction in total trips, average trip rates per person and household, as well as notable shifts in trip purpose and mode choice. The share of workers who work exclusively from home has doubled since 2017, and one-third of full-time workers with a usual workplace still have a hybrid working arrangement. The 2022 CRD survey suggests the pandemic has had some lingering effects, but it is too soon to tell if this is the ‘new normal.’ 

For the complete Origin-Destination Household Travel Survey Report, please visit: https://www.crd.bc.ca/docs/default-source/regional-planning-pdf/transportation/crd-2022-origin-destination-household-travel-survey-report.pdf

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