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The Research Question

We have completed a number of projects for the Canadian Apprenticeship Forum (CAF-FCA). Over the course of various projects it became clear that a panel of apprentices and journeypersons would be beneficial and allow CAF-FCA and other apprenticeship stakeholders access to a known group of apprentices and journeypersons who could provide insight on relevant topics.

Malatest Solution

We used a number of methods to develop Canada’s first-ever research panel of apprentices and journeypersons, the Apprentices in Canada Panel. This panel is for CAF-FCA’s exclusive use, and we are able to quickly launch surveys on topics of interest to the client and other stakeholders.

Panelists are invited to participate in a survey a few times per year to provide feedback on issues such as career prospects and barriers to obtaining certification; this panel was also used to provide CAF-FCA and other stakeholders with timely information on the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on apprentices and journeypersons. We continue working closely with CAF to help them meet their objectives, routinely using this unique specialized panel to complete the research.

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